Outdoor furniture culture/Event Date:2020.04.04

3.Outdoor furniture culture

Outdoor furniture is a kind of rich information carrier, often with a certain cultural directivity, way of life on the one hand, it reflects the different historical period, social material civilization level, and historical and cultural characteristics; On the other hand also reflects the different period, different nation whose beauty concept and aesthetic temperament and interest, condensed the profound and rich culture. This makes people can subtly in use process to feel the unique cultural features, manifested in the memory of traditional culture at the same time, continue to pass on context.



As shown, the style of outdoor furniture through thick, elegant, luxurious, inside the curve will be appropriate Rou nearly furniture modelling of classic lasting appeal, reflect a kind of typical American culture characteristic and the massiness of history;



While modern European contracted style of outdoor furniture by Jane clean, generous, neat lines, shows that northern europeans try to simplify the complex life attitude towards life.


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